I'm Qing Cai (strongwillow). You'll find some of my work here.

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Tracestrack: An iOS app to keep track of where you have been

Tracestrack is an app made for travellers and outdoor activity enthusiasts. It helps you know where you have been and plan your next trip, like a Pro.


Trades Viewer for MT4

Trades Viewer is a MetaTrader 4 utility plugin, made for serious trader. It displays your trades on charts interactively, and helps you evolve your trading system, like a Pro.

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He's the boss dog who got stuck with me. He used to bite whatever comes within sight: shoes, brooms even brick walls! Now he's smarter than that. But still...


Taken in a commercial center in Germany. The mist cast the view to a 90's arcade game scene.


California's sun nourishes the people and the fruit trees! Taken in Pasadena, CA.


Eindhoven, NL